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Professional Skaters Association (PSA) offers optional insurance coverage for their member instructors which can be purchased online 24/7. Learn more about these exclusive member benefits by reviewing the information below.


PSA Instructor Liability Insurance

Professional Skaters Association offers this important coverage as a resource to PSA registered member instructors to further protect themselves for day-to-day instruction activities. The PSA Instructor Liability Program includes General Liability insurance. The General Liability policy provides liability protection to participating member instructors from claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage, and personal or advertising injury in connection with covered activities. (Many venue owners will require this insurance before an instructor is allowed to use a facility).

Click here to view a summary of PSA Instructor General Liability coverage.

In addition, the program provides Participant Accident coverage (excess medical coverage) for member instructors while participating in the approved activities.

Click here to view a summary of PSA Instructor Participant Accident coverage.

•Click the yellow "Purchase Coverage" link below.
•Complete the online application questionnaire and click “Save and Continue”
•The system will ask if you are a current Integro (formerly known as ESIX) customer – please select the appropriate response. If you are an existing customer enter your username (typically your email address) and your password.
•Please enter all of your contact information.
•Be sure to save your username and password for future certificate requests.
•Continue through the checkout process and proceed to the payment section.
Payment can only be made using a VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card.
• Once payment has been received, the system will then prompt you to print and/or download a copy of your certificate of insurance (proof of insurance coverage).
•The system will also send a confirmation email to the email address on file for your records.
•Congratulations! You’re done!

To purchase insurance coverage for the 2019 – 2020 policy year, please click the "Purchase Coverage" button below and then proceed to the online application process.

Note: This policy will not be automatically renewed. In order to renew coverage,
you will have to reapply for insurance and remit the premium payment each term.
Premium is non-refundable under any circumstance.


Collection of waivers from skating participants is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by the insurance carrier. Samples have been provided below for your use.

Collection of waiver and release forms is an important protection method for skating instructors as this provides an acknowledgement by the participant of the risks associated with figure skating activities and it is also an agreement the individual will not bring a lawsuit against the instructor. It is an assumption and agreement of risk. With this in mind, please be sure to have all participants sign a waiver and release form to help better protect yourself. Many lawsuits transpire long after an incident has occurred, so please be sure to keep a copy of these signed documents in a safe place for future reference and/or claims handling purposes.

For your reference, we have included two sample waivers (one for adults, one for minors) in the links below:



For additional information on waiver and release forms and for a list of frequently asked questions, please click the link below:



Upon completing the online application and payment process, PSA Coaches have the capabilities of producing additional certificates of insurance for third party entities such as skating rinks/facilities. Certificates can be processed 24/7 online by logging into the Integro Entertainment and Sport system.

Certificates of insurance can be generated by completing the following steps:

• In the top right-hand corner of this webpage (, please click ‘LOGIN’ from the main menu.
• Enter your email address and password and click ‘LOGIN’.
• Once logged in, you will be on the 'Dashboard' screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
• You will see a “NEW CERTIFICATE” button located at the bottom of the screen, click this button.
• On the next screen, select the policy from the drop down menu.
• Select the type of coverage which needs to be shown on the certificate (Evidence of Coverage or Additional Insured) Many facilities require additional insured status.
• Enter the third party’s name and address in the certificate holder field. (Your name will automatically appear on the top left corner of the certificate as a Named Insured.)
• Click Save.
• The system will then take you back to the Dashboard screen where you will see your certificate listed.
• To the right of the certificate holder name, click the printer icon to download/print your certificate as needed.

NOTE: Certificates of insurance cannot be deleted and/or revised once issued.
If you need assistance with the certificate process or have a special certificate wording request, please email or call 678-324-3300


It is important to promptly collect relevant information whenever someone is injured or property damage occurs during an insured activity. Doing so is valuable in defending liability claims that may result from the incident and is also very useful when preparing claim forms resulting from an injury.

Please click here to access the General Liability Claim form.

Please click here to access the Participant Accident Claim form.

If you have any questions related to the Professional Skaters Association insurance program, please feel free to contact us for further details.

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